I write books that marshal the creative strength of story in order to capture Truth in fresh new ways and plant it deep in the reader’s heart. Moose Run is still in print and you can find most of my other books through amazon.com (I have a few books lying around if you want an autographed one).  If you’re curious about the Russian books go to www.isptrips.org to learn more. Click on the book covers for sample chapters.


Current Projects

  • As the publishing world continues to go through its identity crisis, I’ve moved onto the Net (be sure to check out our ministry website at www.mordecainetwork.org). One of the reasons for this site was to “publish” my devotional book, After the Passion, as blog entries from Easter to Pentecost–it is archived on my blog. There is more written about Jesus’ 40 days on earth after His resurrection than any other period of His life–except for the week leading up to His crucifixion. Watch any of the hundred plus movies on the life of Jesus, and you’d think He just rose from the dead, gave the Great Commission to His followers, and ascended into Heaven. Do that and you’ll miss five miracles, seven agenda items, multiple conversations, and a host of amazing insights!
  • Three labors of love sitting on the back burner are; Saving Doubt–a fabled approach to the uncertainty factor in faith; the Birthed Passion–a Russian Christmas Carol, cleverly disguised as a boilerplate adventure novel; and The Odd Thing About Oak Leaf Tea–a children’s story about seeing the world as it really is. I plan to finish each and every one of these before this earth suit is abandoned and I take up residence in that place where all true stories “live happily ever after.”
  • At the moment, I’m exploring turning The Garimus File into a Kindle book and adding Garimus’s take on the rest of the New Testament books not included in the first edition.