Why Is Friday Our Favorite Day?


Today is “Black Friday,” but let’s not forget “Friday the 13th,” “Casual Friday,” and “Friday Night Lights.”   What other day of the week gets that kind of publicity? Mondays are tethered to “rainy days” (according to the old  Carpenters’ song), Wednesdays are “hump day,” Sunday is the “day of rest,” but Fridays always seem to top the days of the week charts.

Oh I know, we’re all thankful for Friday.  It ushers in the weekend–TGIF!  But maybe there’s another reason, a deeper more visceral motivation behind all the Friday hashtags.

In the Creation Story we don’t show up until the Sixth Day when God turned dust into a pair of image bearers.  That would make us Friday’s Child.  Fridays are our birthday and the crowning moment of the first week ever, the final “That’s good!” from the Evaluator of all things.  No wonder we are partial to Fridays–we own Fridays.

But there is a more compelling reason to celebrate Fridays.  “Good Friday” is redemption day.  Those of us who look to the Cross for our salvation are Friday’s Child reborn.

So we are Friday’s Child twice over.  It is our birthday and our re-birthday.
Fridays mark who we are, what we’re worth, and where we’re headed.  That’s a lot to pack into one day.


(from Gary’s blog at garimus.com)