The Storm

Yesterday was one of those travel days you try to forget.  Cancelled flights, rolling delays, renting a car at 2 AM after arriving a hundred miles from where I needed to be.  But there was one part of my trip I doubt  I will forget.

About an hour after takeoff, my attention was drawn to what was happening outside my exit row window.  From my perch, seven miles high, I was treated to quite a show!  Lightening backlit towering cumulus clouds;  a canopy of stars twinkled overhead; the lights of some city glimmering down below; and the Northern Lights added their own magic. I felt like I was looking down on Neverland.  All that was missing was Tinker Bell!

The pilot couldn’t help but remark that God’s handiwork was on display, as he told us we were flying past Chicago, and that we should buckle up.   I wondered if I’d just been treated to a taste of eternity.

This morning’s news told a different story about last night’s storm. Tornados, destruction and death cut a large swath across the Ohio Valley.

Perspective changes everything. Glory or gut wrenching agony?  Depends on whether you are looking down on the storm or hunkering down just to weather the storm.  Seem to remember Paul’s encouragement not to lose heart when our “outer man” is taking it on the chin, because our “inner man” just might be prepping for something incredible.  For momentary, light affliction is producing for us an eternal weight of glory far beyond all comparison (II Cor 4:17).

A good reminder as I head into this weekend to contend for souls and marriages living on one side of the storm or the other.