Relentlessly Hopeful

Being married to Luci is quite the adventure! Every day is Flag Day as far as Luci is concerned.  She puts out the Stars and Stripes and prays that those she loves will shine like stars and be healed by Jesus’ stripes.

Luci is relentlessly hopeful; she is a warrior. I’ve seen her face down death in a friend or family member when everyone else had given up.  I’m pretty sure the longevity of our 30-year marriage has a lot to do with Luci’s godly optimism.

Wednesday morning the phone rang,  ”I think we’ve exhausted what the medical world has to offer,” said Di.  I’ve never heard those words from my sister-in-law before.  Like Luci she is undaunted in her hope and faith, but she and Kent, my step brother, have been fighting his cancer for a very long time.  We spent the afternoon with them.  Luci played her violin and we sang the old hymns of the faith–we went to war against the ravaging effects of the cancer.  This amazing man, who will not put down his sword, smiled and thanked us for coming.  I’m proud to call him my big brother.  We hugged Di and then we drove home in the rain.

A skirmish does not equal a war.  We do not live in a once-and-done world.  Perseverance is hardwired into sustaining faith and shows up every day.  This is what I see in my flag-posting, petition-praying wife.

As I stepped out on our front porch that evening it seemed as if God had pulled back the curtain just to show me what is behind Luci’s relentless hope.  His rainbow curved around our flag; a reminder that our big God notices the faith of His little ones and it matters far more than I can ever know.