Country Faith

my first pair of cowboy boots

Alone in a hotel room on the other side of the planet, I put on my country music playlist.  The words of a faith that is comfortable in a rusted pickup truck, or on the other side of a broken life, wash over me – Jesus take the wheel,  I hope you dance,  When I get where I’m going,   Heaven is waiting.  

Tears surface from some place deep inside.

Country faith is grounded in a simplicity better put in a song than in a doctrinal treatise.  It is a practical faith, played out in relationship, unashamed and open, warts and all.  So easy for me to slip into an intellectual faith, especially when I’ve just spent a month defending and advancing the faith in various academic conferences overseas.  So humbling to realize when it is all said and done, I have a country faith that don’t need no lengthy explanation cause there ain’t no reason quite wild enough*  to capture God’s heart for me.  

It has been a long trip. I miss home.  Heaven is waiting.  And with the dry ache of a lone coyote’s whine, My Savior’s calling and I’m listening.  Time to saddle up my pony and ride.*



*lyrics from “Heaven is Waiting” by Mitch McVicker