Once upon a time there was a boy named Joe and a girl named Patricia.  They jumped into a volcano.  But before they jumped, a couple of things happened – They met each other on a long and twisted road. Joe faced down his fears and discovered God. They survived storms and superstitions.   [...]

Lost Luggage

Last year I did something I’ve never done before–took the wrong piece of luggage home with me.  I do not own one of those ubiquitous black suitcases that looks exactly like everyone else’s bag.  In fact I’d never seen another metallic green ribbed roller bag like mine outside of Costco. No small surprise to open [...]

Sowing Seeds and the Widow’s Mite

I happen to live in the company of two remarkable women, “Beulah” and “Luci.” A couple of old fashion names for two women who have left their mark on my life and many others.  One is my mother the other is my wife. My mom (Beulah) informed me, on the day I got married, that [...]

Floating Trust

I  had a  lot  of  fun  yesterday in  the community pool with three of Mom’s great grand children.   All of them love the water.  None of them can swim. Four-year old Scout was clinging to me in deep water (3 1/2 feet), thrashing about as she tried to keep herself afloat.  Of course nothing [...]

Identity Theft

As a kid I never thought much about someone stealing my identity.  What would they do?  Holler, “Here” when my name was called?  What could they take?  My ontological sense of well being? (Okay I wasn’t that deep as a kid and I still prefer the shallow end of the metaphysical pool.) Today we all [...]

And Then The Miracle Happens

January has flown by–literally. Nine flights, traversing ten time zones, in one month. Plane travel is a world unto itself.  You sit for hours in a confined space (with five inches of extra leg room if you have the right “status”). Your feet swell.  Joints stiffen.  Illuminated messages and flight attendants tell you what you [...]

The end of the world? I’m thinking “No.”

Pretty sure the world won’t end today–Mayan calendars to the contrary.  Just as Halley’s Comet didn’t poison the earth and drain the oceans back in 1910, neither did Comet Hale-Bopp usher in a space ship or the end of the world in 1997.  The cynic in me is proud that I wasn’t taken in then or now. [...]

Trash Day–our weekly day of atonement

       Every Monday we faithfully pull our trash cans to the curb.  Forget, or ignore this ritual, and you’ll be stuck with all that smelly, fermenting garbage for another week.        Started thinking about all the different kinds of trash we accumulate and how we go about sorting it and ridding [...]

Always Open

“Always Open”   It’s easy to leave up old signage long after its usefulness is gone.  I’m sure it happens a lot.  A business moves or closes. Too busy. Too much trouble. Too something. Hiked over to this particular sign I spotted from the hotel where I was staying.  The promise of breakfast and perhaps [...]