You Can’t Have It Both Ways (After the Passion – Day 7)

Pilate plays no further part in the biblical text.  Yet history tells us that three years later, Pilate has one too many local “messiahs” killed, and Vitellius, the imperial legate of Syria, relieves Pilate of his post as governor and orders his return to Roman.   No one knows for sure what happened to Pilate after that.  Except this – *

Pilate continued to have it both ways.  

On one hand, there’s a medieval legend that he haunts parts of France and Switzerland causing demonic disturbances.  Another legend from that area claims that his body rises from Lake Pilatus, every Good Friday. 

On the other hand, Tertullian, an early church father, wrote that Pilate was “a Christian in his conscience.”  The Greek Orthodox Church canonized his wife and the Ethiopian Church proclaims June 25th as St. Pilate’s Day.

Ah Pilate, I wonder where you ended up?  You can’t have it both ways in Eternity. 

* * *

Healer of Divided Hearts,

Hold my heart next to Yours and it won’t be divided anymore.                                                             Amen

* “History of the Players” by Bill Petro, see

Sunday, April 15, 2012 (reprinted from April 2010)