Sleepwalking into Wide Awake (After the Passion – Day 10)

        Now after the Sabbath, as it began to dawn toward

        the first day of the week, Mary Magdalene and the

        other Mary came to look at the grave. (Matt 28:1)

    Mary, what woke you up so early this morning?  Did you sleep at all?  Bet you’re bone tired, cried out and worn down. 

    Glad you have the company of the other Mary.  Mark’s Gospel adds that you brought spices to anoint His body.  But you don’t really have a plan.  Who will move the stone for you?

    Your body is up and going through the motions but your mind and spirit aren’t engaged.  You’re still trapped in the nightmare of the last three days, and sealing the tomb didn’t bring you closure.  You’re not done with Jesus yet.  You hope to reopen a few things–you haven’t said “Goodbye.” 

    Funny word, “goodbye.”  You can spell it with or without an “e” and with or without a hyphen.  Because it isn’t a word, it is a contraction of “God be with ye.”  Same thing is true in most languages.  This is about placing Jesus back in God’s care, isn’t it? 

    Oh Mary!  You’re sleepwalking right into the most wide awake anyone can ever be.  Because you are only a few steps from the most wide awake Person there ever was. 

   It hurts so bad to be on the other side of a barrier blocking you from the one you love.  That’s why you came. To be close to Jesus even if you can’t touch Him.  It would take a court order to open the tomb for you–or a miracle.


Mover of Stones,

    I live in a world worried and bothered by the things of man.  How easy to place my faith (and vote) in “court order bureaucracies” when what I really need is a miracle.   Election season seldom looks to an empty tomb for the answer–and neither do I. Forgive me Father Spirit and remind me from whence my salvation comes.

Wednesday, April 18, 2012 (reprinted from April 2010)