The Storm

Yesterday was one of those travel days you try to forget.  Cancelled flights, rolling delays, renting a car at 2 AM after arriving a hundred miles from where I needed to be.  But there was one part of my trip I doubt  I will forget. About an hour after takeoff, my attention was drawn to [...]

Oak Leaf Tea

  Ever pour your life into something, see it go nowhere, and file it away under “I wonder what that was all about?” That’s what I did over 35 years ago with a story called The Odd Thing About Oak Leaf Tea. I worked on the story off and on for several years. My writing [...]

Violet’s Notebook

Violet plopped the thick notebook in front of me the way a proud student presents a class project to their teacher. From her expectant smile I knew what my reading material would be for the rest of the day. Twenty years ago I directed Violet’s first ISP trip. Today, as Associate Director for some of [...]

The Fifth King

  Once upon a time there was a king.  He possessed a strong sense of justice.  He knew deep down where it counts, that at its core, justice was treating equal things equally. All of his laws would be built on this simple truth. His kingdom lasted a single day. A new king came along.  [...]

Why Is Friday Our Favorite Day?

  Today is “Black Friday,” but let’s not forget “Friday the 13th,” “Casual Friday,” and “Friday Night Lights.”   What other day of the week gets that kind of publicity? Mondays are tethered to “rainy days” (according to the old  Carpenters’ song), Wednesdays are “hump day,” Sunday is the “day of rest,” but Fridays always [...]


I’ve been wrestling since I returned from the Middle East.  Not the sweaty, strained muscle kind of wrestling but the internal kind. I wrestled with what to say at the grave of my oldest friend; God saw it as an opportunity for me to resolve old wounds from our shared past. I wrestled with what [...]

Country Faith

Alone in a hotel room on the other side of the planet, I put on my country music playlist.  The words of a faith that is comfortable in a rusted pickup truck, or on the other side of a broken life, wash over me – Jesus take the wheel,  I hope you dance,  When I [...]

Relentlessly Hopeful

Being married to Luci is quite the adventure! Every day is Flag Day as far as Luci is concerned.  She puts out the Stars and Stripes and prays that those she loves will shine like stars and be healed by Jesus’ stripes. Luci is relentlessly hopeful; she is a warrior. I’ve seen her face down [...]

God Bless the Clowns

 The world feels sadder today; Robin Williams is gone.  Growing up in Boulder Colorado it was impossible not to be a fan of Robin Williams.  “Mork and Mindy” still comes to mind when I walk down Pearl Street and remember the storefront where Mindy supposedly worked.  I bet the house used as the exterior shot [...]

There’s a Hole in My Parachute!

I recently had a close look at a parachute and discovered that they are intensionally designed with a hole in the middle.  It is disturbing and counterintuitive to find a hole in such a place!   I thought a parachute was like a boat, where a hole is the last thing you want to find.  [...]